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Portafoglio donna mini - Esagoni


Prezzo normale €40.00 Sconto

Crafted from 100% vegan and cruelty free materials, this compact purse features the colourful elephants and flamingos design by artist Sharon Turner.  The purse is complete with 6 card compartments and a central compartment.


  • Artwork printed on front and back onto 100% vegan leather
  • Six card compartments
  • A central compartment for storing coins
  • Size: 11.5 x 9 x 2cm (L x H x D)

What is vegan leather?
Vegan leather feels 'like' real leather, but is made using silk grain polyurethane. Therefore no animals are harmed or endangered in making this beautiful purse. Unlike PVC, which contains the toxic chemical chlorine, PU is much kinder to the environment.

Why buy this purse?
For each and every purse sold, a proportion of the sale goes directly to the creator of the artwork. We feel this helps to support and foster artistic creativity around the globe. The bag is made using 100% animal cruelty-free vegan leather. We are extremely proud of this and will continue to support animal cruelty-free products.

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